Make her see what she can be

"I gave Secret Code to my 6-year-old niece who hated science. Now she wants to take robot camp and she plays 'engineer.'" – Lauren C.
An innovative children's book that stars
your girl as a tech hero.
Secret Code Different Options

How it works. Personalize your girl’s name, skin color and hair style, and receive a beautiful hard cover picture book in 2 weeks. Ages 5-9. $36 including shipping.

Secret Code in the Press
Secret Code in the Press

Diverse role models to
ignite the next generation.



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Secret Code embodies everything we stand for: challenging the status quo in a way that’s creative and fearless.

sophia Amoruso,
Founder of Nastygal & Author of #Girlboss
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My daughter LOVED Secret Code. She connected most with the robot that would get rid of broccoli. I swear, if that robot existed, it would be sitting next to us at the dinner table every night. She also loved the cleaning robot.... I see a trend here. She loves every robot that she needs in real life. Her room is a mess most of the time... so, we better start coding.

Vince S.
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Thanks to our Secret Code book, my daughter asks to code every night now. So many great resources on

Whitney B.
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Coolest. Book. Ever. Children’s books with Biggie, Sophia Amoruso and Guy Fawkes on the wall! I wish I had books like this.

Jessica H.
Teach girls to break stereotypes and they’ll be unstoppable






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