a bunch of multi-cultural feminists who care about the future.
new york, USA
Mara Lecocq

Half French, half Filipino, from a family of multiple cultures on different continents, I was taught to keep an open mind and to question the status quo. Before I was 5, my parents introduced me to computers and oil painting, and brought me up with feminist values. Going from the Philippines to Paris, and then Toronto, today, I am a creative director in New York for digital experiences and campaigns for global brands. Also jury member and speaker at industry events, guest professor, with some appearances in industry magazines for some reason, I embrace anything cool and scary that comes my way. But really I’m passionate about helping young women build confidence to succeed in the workplace and showing support. Because I was brought up by encouraging parents who inspired me to be curious and fearless, I wish all girls to have that opportunity.

Rodolfo Dengo
CTO los angeles, usa
Rodolfo Dengo

Rodolfo is not writing his bio because he's swamped with work. Also, he will do a lousy job boasting about himself because he's so humble, talented and awesome. Originally from Costa Rica and now working in California, Rodolfo is probably the most feminist guy I know, like the type to have his profile photo say "THE FUTURE IS FEMALE", and the type to ask a powerful company CEO in front of a hundred people, what he's doing to fight against the gender wage gap (he literally said “FIGHT”). Rodo is the proud father of, as he says, an amazing singer-painter-dancer-intellectual-mermaid who will take the world by storm.

Jessika Von Innerebner
illustrator kelowna, canada
Jessika Von Innerebner

Jess loves creating! Especially when it inspires others to make the world a kinder place. Fun, laughter and silliness are a huge part of her everyday life. Jess started her career as an artist at 17 and is self taught. Illustration is a big passion and she's always finding ways to up her game. Jess lives in sunny Kelowna, Canada with her talented man Cale. In spare moments she can be found dancing, long-boarding, traveling to distant lands, chasing adventure and laughing with friends. Jess proud to be a Citizen of Skateistan!

writer new york, usa
Nathan Archambault

In 2010, Nathan discovered a love for coding while working at a digital advertising agency. His favorite project inspired young girls to get into technology. The premise that drove the project – that so many important jobs are so male-dominated – blew his mind. He set out to level the playing field the best way he knew how, by writing a picture book. When not writing copy for ads or books for kids, you can find Nathan inspiring his two young daughters to grow up to be anything but stereotypical.